Parents' Rights Must Be Upheld



It is truly good news when the publisher of a newspaper (the Payson Roundup, 2/28/03) comes out in support of parents' rights to be informed when a minor daughter is seeking an abortion. This is a right which has been opposed tooth and nail by Planned Parenthood for far too long.

At last Arizona has a parental consent law that can be enforced, thanks to a new court ruling which reflects the will of the people and the hard work of groups like the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP).

At the same time that Planned Parenthood was fighting parental notification laws, they were also involved in the illegal cover-up of numerous cases of statutory rape of minor girls by older males across the nation.

Recently in Phoenix Superior Court, Judge Cathy Holt found Planned Parenthood negligent for failing to follow the law and report a case of suspected sexual abuse. A trial is pending.

In June 2002, Life Dynamics, Inc. and Priests for Life started the Child Protection Project, notifying every school district in the nation by certified mail, return receipt required, that schools are legally required to notify state authorities of any knowledge they have of a sexually active child, or risk litigation.

This means that any school which becomes aware of, or refers a minor student to Planned Parenthood or similar family planning clinics, for services resulting from sexual contact (e.g., birth control pills or devices, emergency contraception, STDs, abortion, etc.) must report the case.

While non-compliance with the law can cause legal problems for the school district, any injury or death resulting from such referrals also creates liability risks. No school needs these kinds of problems.

Parents can protect their children, and their school, by insisting that the law is understood and upheld by all school personnel.

Carol Suhr, Pine

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