Thanks For The New Toilets



Because of the well-written article by Jim Keyworth, my family has four new, free toilets from the Town of Payson's low-flow toilet replacement program! (This program is funded 60-40 with water department operating funds, and money from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.)

We express our sincere appreciation to those who made this program possible: Buzz Walker, Jeff Durbin, Vicki Holmes, Brenda Huff, and Central Arizona Supply.

Charlie Hall's Wrangler Plumbing did a great job of installing them, and the town of Payson even reimbursed us $25 per toilet for the installation cost. We took our old toilets to the water department for disposal. (Waste Management provided the hauling and container, and the town paid the disposal at the landfill.)

The Toto toilets we received are the best quality available.

Thank you for this opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile water conservation program!

Daniel E and Rose C. Hill, Payson

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