Tonto Village Takes On A ‘Swiss' Look



Tonto Village looks very much like a Swiss village since the start of the storm this past weekend. The snow has melted a bit, but there is quite a bit still left on the ground.

The village has had many visitors who want to play in the snow. They are parking along the side of the road and in some cases, right in the road, especially along the Control Road. This could become very dangerous; there was one incident of a toddler getting bumped by a vehicle this past weekend. Luckily, there were no injuries, but it will be up to the locals and full-time residents to be extra careful of people who are not being careful themselves.

The residents in Bear Flats also reported that there are people who have come to play in the snow in their area with sleds, trying to sled down the hill on the road. This is very dangerous and should be discouraged whenever possible.

The heavy snow also caused a giant tree to fall across the road in Bear Flats. The residents inspected the tree and decided it was too big for them to handle and something needed to be done. No one could come into the area or leave either for that matter, so they called the Gila County Maintenance crew and the fellows came out right away and hauled the tree out of the way. They then proceeded to plow the whole road for the residents as well. They really appreciated the fast and immediate service from the county maintenance crew.

Tonto Village Fire District

Fire Chief J.R. Alliger reports there will not be a fire board meeting this Saturday. The meeting has been rescheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday, March 15. He also wants to remind residents not to park their vehicles in the roadway when a snowstorm is forecast. The snowplow cannot get through the streets if there are vehicles blocking the plow's path.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Kent Mortenson will celebrate his big day March 12, as will Pat Watson. Pat plays the organ at our local chapel on Sunday mornings and is part of one of the oldest families in the village. Happy birthday to the both of you.

Sympathy to Candy Hart and Patty Boeschling -- they both lost their mothers this past week. They are regulars in our local pool tournaments.

A casting call has been scheduled for 10 a.m., March 8 at the Christopher Creek Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is time again to get everyone together for the 2003 version of the melodrama with music this year.

All people from Christopher Creek, Tonto Village and the surrounding areas who want to have some fun and put on some entertainment for the community are invited to come and check it out. All people are needed, including crew members that like to do the background work.

If you would like to know more beforehand, call Annette Godfrey at 468-4716.

Pool sharks

Even though it has been pretty tough to get around in the village and in Christopher Creek as well, the pool tournament went on as scheduled for the ladies. They played at the Landmark this week and Kara Shaw, Phyllis Mullen and Grace Daniels were the top winners.

Sunday Harvey Poyner, Phyllis Mullen and Betty Koutz took the top tree spots at the Double D.

It goes to prove that two feet of snow will not stop dedicated pool players from getting together to play some serious pool.

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