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Q: What's up with the number of teachers being fired in the school district while administrators, supervisors, secretaries, the curriculum developer, and other non teaching staffers still have their jobs?

A: Actually, four classified positions will be RIFFED (for Reduction In Force) along with eight teachers, according to Payson Unified School District Superintendent Herb Weissenfels.

"When the administrative team met to make their recommendations, they considered everything from the laws saying we've got to have qualified people to class sizes," Weissenfels said. "We also looked at the cuts we made two years ago when we had a similar problem, and that year we cut mostly support staff and administration. To cut any further in those areas would leave a lot of required duties unable to be fulfilled. We've run out of (non-teaching) people to cut, and there wasn't a whole lot left that we could do."

The cuts are necessitated by an estimated revenue shortfall next year in the vicinity of $400,000.

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