Officer Finds Cocaine In Diaper Bag


Approximately 1.75 pounds of cocaine, with an estimated street value of $70,000, was confiscated in a traffic stop Thursday.

Officer Jarom Lewis, Arizona Department of Public Service, stopped a vehicle for speeding at milepost 248 on Highway 87, about four miles south of town around 4 p.m., Thursday, March 6.

When the occupants started acting suspicious, Lewis searched the vehicle and found the cocaine, then called in the Gila County Narcotics Task Force for assistance.

There was a Hispanic male in the vehicle, Ricardo Gonzalez, 20. However, he told officers he did not speak much English, but let it be known he had no known address or employer and was going back to Mexico, although the vehicle was northbound. The vehicle belonged to a Native American female, Yolanda Todokozie, 23, Houck, Ariz., who said she was taking Gonzalez to Holbrook.

She was asked if there were drugs in the car and at first, when the man was present, said there were no drugs. Later, when the two were separated, she was again asked about drugs and she admitted they had them and signed a consent form allowing task force officers to search the vehicle.

"They gave a lot of conflicting statements," a task force officer told the Roundup.

An infant also was in the vehicle and the cocaine was found in the bottom of a diaper bag, according to a spokesman for the task force. Because of the presence of the infant, charges included the use and possession of drugs while with a minor.

A search warrant was obtained Monday afternoon to further search the vehicle.

The two adults were in custody in Globe at press time and Child Protective Service representatives had placed the infant with Todokozie's parents.

"Jarom did a good job," Commander Steve Craig, director of the task force, said.

The cocaine and other evidence is being sent to the DPS lab where it will be tested for quality and weighed for precise measurements.

The investigation is continuing and will involve several different agencies, Craig said.

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