Standing Up For What's Right



My love for and faith in this country and its people has no bounds.

My disgust with the leftist liberal Democrats, who have sunk to the level of endangering our men and women overseas solely to attempt to make the Republican President look bad, is also boundless.

Where were these same leftist political prostitutes when Bill Clinton was attacking other countries, giving warlike speeches against Iraq and sending a few missiles Saddam's way?

All done unilaterally. They were nowhere to be found.

These same people will gladly let President Bush take the heat for doing what their party could not do ... protect America, defend freedom and do the right thing despite polls and focus groups. Their tactics may have been excusable with Bill Clinton's escapades but they are not now.

We must stand tall and defend President Bush, his people and our military.

We must stand up and say to these self-serving leftists that they are not going to get away with their vile attacks and will pay politically for their anti-American beliefs.

I, for one, will make every effort possible and spend whatever I can afford to defeat these cowardly anti-Americans.

God Bless America.

Ross Skinner, US Navy Veteran, Payson

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