Blue Marble Can Lower Your Drug Bill


Headquartered in Fountain Hills, Blue Marble Meds has teamed up with a Canadian pharmacy to make many prescription drugs cheaper.

"We are not a pharmacy," said Rob Allen, founder of Blue Marble Meds, "We are a pharmaceutical facilitating company. This means that we give free advice on how people can get medications cheaper through Canadian pharmacies."

By their alliance with the Canadian pharmacy and elimination of extra charges such as prescription reviews and membership fees, Blue Marble Meds has made it possible for many Arizonans to get their medications for less money.

After temporarily losing his health insurance, Allen was shocked by the price of his prescriptions. Wondering how anyone without little or no health insurance benefits could survive, he began researching solutions to the high cost of prescriptions drugs.

After visiting and interviewing major pharmacy owners in Canada, a country with a socialized medical system, Allen formed Blue Marble Meds to facilitate the access to low-cost, FDA/Health Canada approved pharmaceuticals from Canadian pharmacies for people in the U.S.

"We don't mind spending time with people and advising them on how to navigate the system," Allen said.

Blue Marble can access about 95 percent of available medications in the U.S.

"One thing we do not do is any of the scheduled drugs, such as painkillers, because it is illegal for a Canadian pharmacy to mail such drugs to the U.S.," Allen said.

Most of the medications are what Allen refers to as "maintenance medications," which are drugs taken for a long period of time such as Lipitor or Celebrex.

Allen cites the example of Lipitor, a cholesterol-reducing medication that costs nearly $300 for a 90-day supply.

"For 20 milligram tablets of Lipitor for 90 days, our cost is about $163.00," Allen said.

Tamoxifen, a medication for breast cancer patients, costs roughly $400 for a 90-day supply. Because of Canada's nationalized health care system, along with exchange rates, the same supply of Tamoxifen can be purchased for $45.

"The percentage we make from each prescription is very low," Allen stated in a recent press release referring to how his business model differs from other drug retailers. "We're never going to get rich doing this, but it sure feels good when we hear someone tell us that we've helped them save $1,000 over a three-month period."

Allen is scheduled to come to Payson April 10 to introduce his business and give consultations at the Payson Senior Center from 9 a.m. to noon.

For a phone consultation with Blue Marble Meds, call 1-866-247-8469.

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