Committee Considers 24 Street Projects


Two dozen street projects, estimated to cost $13 million, were presented to the town's Capital Improvement Project Committee this week.

The bulk of the projects are in the southeast section of town. These improvements would provide better access for Frontier Elementary School's buses and make it easier for emergency vehicles to serve residents in that part of town.

The CIP Committee met March 12 to hear about the roads recommended for improvements, and added three more projects into the mix.

A majority of the projects presented by Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett were those the town has had in its capital improvement program for several years and were pushed back due to lack of funds. Residents suggested a few improvements for consideration.

"The roads are listed in their order of priority, according to the town council," Garrett told the committee.

The work proposed ranges from widening and resurfacing, adding sidewalks and general improvements to building entirely new roads and putting in traffic signals and redesigning intersections.

The CIP committee members will be driving the roads this week in order to rank the priority as they see it.

Chairman Bruce Whiting developed a scoring system for the committee to prioritize the projects.

Based on the word ‘score,' the committee will be looking at:

  • Safety issues;
  • Citizen benefit;
  • Obligations of the town in regard to basic services and by law;
  • Recreation, aesthetics and quality of life -- will an improved road enhance these things for Payson's residents? and
  • Economic development --will an improvement generate more visitors, longer stays, new jobs or businesses for the town?

The group will meet at 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 18, at the town hall council chambers to share the information the members collect and additional material from Garrett. It will also start looking at drainage projects for the town.

For more information, call 474-5242.



Manzanita Drive: Hwy. 260 to Timber Dr. ($1,000,000)

Mud Springs Road: Frontier Elementary to Hwy. 260 ($740,000)

E. Bonita Street: Hwy. 87 to St. Phillips St. ($635,000)

S. St. Phillips Street: Bonita St. to Frontier St. ($330,000)

W. Rumsey Drive: McLane Rd. to Hwy. 87 ($340,000)

Hwy. 87/Airport Road traffic signal ($125,000 - 50 percent)

Airport Rd. Phase 4: West end of airport to Vista ($1,020,000)

W. Frontier Street: Colcord Rd. to Oak St. ($1,190,000)

Hwy. 260/Mud Springs Rd. traffic signal ($200,000 - full cost)


Aero Drive: McLane Rd. to Hwy. 87 ($490,000)

Airline Road: Hwy. 87 to Hoover ($455,000)


McLane Road: Forest Dr. to Airport Rd. ($1,005,000 - total) ($505,000 town share)


Bradley Drive: Rancho Rd. to Easy St. ($115,000)

McLane Road: Rim Overlook area to Green Valley Pkwy. ($550,000)


Bentley Street: Granite Dells Rd. to Bonita St. ($290,000)

McLane Road: Airport Rd. to Houston Mesa Rd. ($1,180,000)

Frontier Street: St. Phillips St. to Mud Springs Rd. ($310,000)

McLane Road: Main St. to Rim Overlook area ($1,380,000)

S. Manzanita Drive: Hwy. 260 to Bonita St. ($550,000)

Aero Drive: Hwy. 87 to Ponderosa St. ($325,000)

Phoenix Street: Hwy. 87 to Sycamore St. ($365,000)

Citizens/Committee Suggested

Sherwood Drive: Colcord Rd. to McLane Rd. ($250,000)

Meadow Drive: Frontier St. to Main St. ($250,000)

S. Goodnow Street: Hwy. 260 to Bonita St. ($450,000)

Intersection at Aero and Hwy. 87 (No cost estimate)

Intersection at Payson Parkway and McLane Rd. (No cost estimate)

Westerly: Between Aero and Main St. (No cost estimate)

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