Johnsons Mark 50 Years


Chuck and Pat Johnson, summer residents of Payson, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 27, 2002. The couple married Dec. 27, 1952 in San Gabriel, Calif.

Chuck is originally from Wisconsin, and Pat was raised in Arizona and California.

Chuck is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Major, and Pat has served faithfully by his side as wife and mother to six children.

Chuck currently serves as Commandant of the Payson Marine Corps League.

Chuck and Pat are the parents of local resident Melanie Darnell.

Chuck and Pat's children hosted a sit-down dinner reception for the couple's family and friends at the Wright House Garden Reception Centre in Mesa.

In attendance were one of Chuck's brothers, and one of his sisters, and all three of Pat's brothers. Two of Pat's bridesmaids from the couple's wedding also attended the celebration.

At 8:15 a.m., Friday, December 27 Pat and Chuck made toasts and re-declared their love and commitment to one another, exactly 50 years to the hour from when their original wedding vows were made.

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