Town Manager Now In Charge Of Hiring, Firing


Only Town Manager Fred Carpenter, Town Clerk Silvia Smith, Town Attorney Sam Streichman, and Police Chief Gordon Gartner remain as officers of the town.

And only Carpenter and Streichman report directly to the town council.

The job of town engineer is listed as a town officer, but the position is unfilled.

Thursday, the council voted 4-3 to make this and several other changes to its personnel rules.

Previously, in addition to the officers listed above, town code had designated as other officers: public works director/town engineer, town magistrate, chief fiscal officer and fire chief. The people in these positions were hired by the council, were held accountable by the council and could only be fired by the council with a 6-1 vote.

With the changes approved Thursday, all department heads, except the town attorney -- even those with a town officer title -- will be selected and hired by the town manager, report to him and may be fired by him for cause. The council must ratify the selection and termination of those department heads designated as town officers.

Terminations of town officers may be appealed to the personnel board, which will either uphold the action, making it final, or recommend reconsideration. Should the council be called upon to reconsider the termination, it needs only a 4-3 vote to make a final decision.

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