Visitors Take Advantage Of Snow



Tonto Village is fairly quiet this week.

We did have a number of flatlanders here playing in the snow, what was left of it, over the weekend.

I remember when my children were smaller, my husband and I would take them to the San Diego Mountains near Pine Valley and Alpine, California, to play in the snow for the day. Since we lived in Yuma, the chances of seeing snow were practically nil.

I remember watching the weather reports and as soon as we knew that it looked good for the white stuff, we were on our way to the mountains loaded down with a change of clothes, hot chocolate and mittens. The children would have snowball fights and make a snowman and make angels in the snow. My husband and I would sometimes participate in the snowball fights, but most of the times we sat and watched them have a great time.

Safety reminder

The creek in Tonto Village is moving very fast right now, so little children need to be watched closely by older siblings and parents. The current is strong enough to knock them down and sweep them away, so children need to be cautioned to stay away from the water.

Spring Break for the schools is this week and next, so there will be many more children playing around in the streets in the village. Slow down when driving through the village, some of the little tykes are hard to see.


Dwayne and Janis Long, who live on the 29 Road near Meads Ranch, became grandparents March 10 when their daughter, Desiree Kreiger delivered a 7-pound, 14-ounce baby boy at 11:20 a.m.

Desiree, her husband, Ben, and two other children live in Albuquerque, N.M.

The baby was named Cyrus Benjamin. Young Cyrus' great-granddaddy just happens to be Loren Long, longtime resident of Tonto Village and Meads Ranch. He also happens to be a fairly good pool player. Congratulations to the Long family and the Krieger family for their new addition.

Birthday wishes to Gary Martin, Tonto Village's master cabinet-maker. Gary will add another candle to his birthday cake March 16. Happy birthday, Gary.

Mary Strode, another longtime villager and an excellent bowler, will be adding another candle March 17, St. Patrick's Day. Have a great day, Mary.

Pool sharks

Cliff Landrum, Bill Saba and Ethel Cain were the lucky winners Sunday for the mixed tournament. Then Tuesday, the ladies took over the Double D pool tables and Lorraine "Bo" Mathews, Pat Bates and Ethel Cain shot for the top three spots.

It looks like Ethel Cain is on a roll. Keep those pool cues chalked, Ethel, maybe next week, you'll win first place.

Fire news

Fire Chief J.R. Alliger said there will be extrication (Jaws of Life) training this Saturday, March 15, starting at 8 a.m. at the Christopher Creek fire station. All volunteer firefighters in the surrounding area are urged to add this training to their skills.

First Responder training is every Wednesday, starting at 6 p.m. at the Tonto Village fire station. Darlane Leonard, our EMT director, is teaching the class, and anyone who is interested.

Stop by the fire station or call Darlane at 478-0523.

Alliger said the cutting and clearing of the forest surrounding our village is now back on schedule to clear brush and cut down the small trees. Volunteers are still needed to help clear and burn the brush.

The fire season is coming up fast, and we need the fire break to save our homes this season. If you have some spare time, volunteer to help yourself and your neighbors.

Call the fire station, 478-4875, and leave a message for the timber boss, Roger Boyington.

Don't forget the monthly fire board meeting will be this Saturday, March 15, at the fire station starting at 10 a.m. Try to attend to find out what kind of impact this forest season will have on your village and home

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