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Q: This morning there's a lake across from the Payson Humane Society where they're planning to build those low-cost housing units. Are they going to build them on stilts like they do in the Philippines?

A: No, according to LaRon Garrett, town public works engineer. The developer plans to use "a bunch of fill" -- as much as three feet -- so the units sit above the high water mark. The site in question is part of the American Gulch floodplain, and the proposed channel, if built, will run past the new housing units.

Q: In the Feb. 11 Roundup there was an article about our state parks being closed due to budget cuts. You gave us an e-mail address to write to our elected officials. I sent out over 700 e-mails and got a call from one legislator's office accusing me of spamming. This infuriated me. What should we do next?

A: The Roundup also received a call from the same legislator's office claiming that the messages you sent were blank. If that happened inadvertently, it may account for the spamming accusation. But Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bob Ware recommends that Rim country residents concerned about the future of Tonto Natural Bridge State Park keep those cards, letters, and, yes, e-mails coming.

"We only have a small window," Ware said. "Once the legislation is in the hopper and all voted on, that's it. We can call it spamming, I guess. We can also call it lots of people with lots of concerns with lots of viewpoints. We can all just sit by and say, ‘I should have done something.' Well now is your chance. I don't know if I'd call it spamming any more than having a protest march of 100,000 people. Is that human spamming? We have a legislative cycle that's going to go on for three to five years and we have to fight for what's ours, and unfortunately rural communities and rural counties have to fight twice as hard. We don't have that internal synergy of just being big. Phoenix can have a bad month. We can't."

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