Abortion Link Supported By Evidence



Reporter Kelly Crowley says in her editorial, Breast Cancer Claim Not Supported by Evidence -- Payson Roundup 3/11/03, "it is important to refrain from misinformation."

Let's begin by correcting just one of Crowley's numerous bits of "misinformation" -- the notion that pro-life advocates are fabricating a link between abortion and breast cancer in order to play on women's fears and scare them out of killing their unborn children.

If this were the case, how then would Crowley explain the 1997 statement by pro-abortion rights epidemiologist Dr. Janet Daling (Hutchison Cancer Research Center) when she said: "I would have loved to have found no association between abortion and breast cancer, but our research is rock solid, and our data is accurate, it's a matter of what is." (This is in reference to her 7-year study which found an overall increased risk of 50 percent, a 210 percent increased risk from a first abortion after age 30 and a 250 percent increased risk under age 18.)

Pro-abortion Daling was also quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying that the scientific evidence of a significant link between abortion and breast cancer is not being examined objectively because the "implications (are) so weighty for abortion rights activists within the scientific community."

How would Crowley explain the testimony of Dr. Lynn Rosenberg when she served as an expert witness for a group of Florida abortionists on Nov. 18, 1999? Dr. Rosenberg answered, "Probably, yes" when asked, under oath, whether a teen who aborts has a higher risk of developing breast cancer than one who gives birth.

How would Crowley explain this quote from pro-abortion, internationally acclaimed cancer expert, Dr. Samuel S. Epstein of the University of Illinois -- "...if you were to have an abortion at the age of 25, your risk of developing breast cancer at age 60 would increase from 1 in 24 to 1 in 18" (The Breast Cancer Prevention Program -- Epstein et al 1997 pp 36-37).

The problem isn't pro-lifers trying to scare women. The problem is pro-abortionists denying and covering up the scientific facts, even when presented by pro-abortion scientists.

Ann Barrett, Pine

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