American Gulch Project Should Stand In Line



Re: Stan Brown's Guest Comment, "Council needs to step up and do the right thing."

I fear that Stan is a little behind the times. At least, I hope that the town council takes that view of Stan's urging that they, post haste, proceed with whatever plans there are for American Gulch.

It seems to me that your Page 1 story, "Clock ticking for project selection committee" should take precedence over any interim capital expenditures, including American Gulch.

The American Gulch project should take its place among the many other projects that the selection committee will choose for the September election. Then, the voting citizens of Payson will decide which of this array of choices should have their money spent on them, and in what order, and how funded.

Keeping in mind, as Town Manager (Fred) Carpenter points out, that we have a $30 million practical limit, and that we don't want to get committed to all of that on the first try.

Dan Adams, Payson

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