Couple Are An Inspiration



I would like for Payson to acknowledge and congratulate Fred and Ercil Miller on March 18 for their 69th wedding anniversary.

Fred resides at the Payson Care Center and Ercil resides with her daughter, Marilyn and her husband, George Strecher, who live across the street from me in Payson. Not only are Ercil and Fred still very much in love with one another, but Ercil always looks forward to seeing Fred regardless of conditions.

In my opinion Ercil also deserves a "Good Guy Award" for never missing a week, sometimes twice to go visit Fred. If her daughter or son-in-law are working, she calls the Senior Center and waits outside for the bus to pick her up. Even though Ercil just had her 89th birthday last month, she never forgets where her love is. I have personally enjoyed Ercil as a neighbor and have had the pleasure of knowing and taking her to see Fred. It is always such a wonderful feeling to see two people enjoy and love one another the way they do. In my opinion, Ercil has her "priorities" in order, and is a true example of "through sickness and health ‘til death do us part". I wish both of them the very best of everything "'til death do them part".

Sue Groves, Payson

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