Education Is Our Hope For The Future



When we voted in the Arizona Lottery years ago, it was promised to us that these funds would go to support the schools. I suppose now I'm going to have to get a copy of all the laws relating to the lottery funds and see all their financials until I am satisfied that this money is not being sifted elsewhere.

This is a tremendous amount of money. Where is it? Where does it end? Are we now going to have a balanced school budget? Is everything going to be hunky dory now that we've taken all the arts and physical education out of the elementary schools?

Either way, I will be suspicious. If it ends here, I am suspicious that somebody felt this part of the curriculum was frivolous. If it does not end here, I am suspicious that somebody is pushing for privatization of education by making our public schools sub-standard.

We should be appalled that a single penny is deducted from our school's budget. Instead, we should be pouring more money into our schools each year, adding curriculum and facilities. Our world is becoming more diverse and more complicated. There is a lot more to learn to become prepared for this world.

Our priorities are fouled up. Education is our hope for the future. We cannot sit back and let our children's education be whittled away like this. Having inferior public schools will create expensive social problems for the next generation, for this generation.

Marie Fritz, Pine

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