Make Our "River Walk" Arizona Style



Concerning the bike and walking paths proposed for the river walk along the American Gulch:

Please give us a Rim country design, and not a cookie cutter repetition of every other "river walk".

The shrubbery and trees should be native species requiring no water. Let's be unique and bold and live within our environment. Living with what nature dictates is an adventure. Facing the challenge of limited water can be fun, rather than something to moan about.

We don't have to accept, as part of the plan, shrubs and trees that come from a wet environment. Let the locals and visitors have an Arizona environment as they walk, bike, etc. After all, the locals and visitors like being in Arizona.

I suggest native trees and shrubbery from local nurseries be used, and that local landscapers and designs be called upon.

Bikers and walkers, and even horses, can all use the same trail, or trails. Signs can be installed showing who has the right-of-way.

Please be sure those on the trails can see out. In the rendition I saw, a solid wooden fence on both sides made it impossible to see out.

Thanks for considering my ideas. Maybe others can put in their two cents.

Elaine Chapin Ellinger

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