Protesters The Enemy Within



I find it unfortunate that the television news media so strongly supports anti-war demonstrators by doing exactly what they want; being seen on TV by millions of viewers.

As a job-holding, tax-paying, home-owning, blue-collar hard-working member of the silent, vast majority who want our problem solved quickly, totally and decisively, I find their action deplorable and despicable.

During the Vietnam war, a similar machine pounded the world's eyes and ears with such relentless, monotonous repetition that some public opinion was actually detoured from the original objective. Hence, political pressure on our congressmen and senators resulted in a cutback of supplies, weapons, manpower and other support, causing a devastating loss.

People, please listen to me, these demonstrators are either morons, or the enemy within. They do not have our nation's best interest in mind. They highlight our president as an aggressor, but our president is acting on our behalf. Most of us feel that what he intends to do is not enough anyway. How soon they forget; would they behave differently if some universities full of students were destroyed instead of the World Trade Towers?

My guess is, they would still exercise their right to freedom of propaganda.

Brad Bennett, Payson

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