Rabid Fox Found In Gisela


Animal Control Officer for Gila County, Mike Spaulding reports that a fox found in Gisela tested positive for rabies Friday, March 14.

Spaulding said a resident of Gisela discovered that her two dogs had attacked a fox in her yard.

She put the nearly dead fox in a box and left it in her yard. Not having a phone, she drove to Payson to alert Animal Control.

"I drove to her house and found that the dogs had gotten to the fox again," Spaulding said.

Spaulding took the dogs and sent the fox to a lab in Phoenix to be tested.

"I got a call from the state lab saying the fox had tested positive for rabies," Spaulding said.

Both dogs had to be put in quarantine in Globe. One for 45 days because it had been given a rabies vaccination.

"The second dog had not had a vaccine, so it will be under quarantine for 180 days," Spaulding said.

The last rabid animals were found during the fall in the Doll Baby Ranch area and near the golf course. Nearly a year ago a rabid fox was found in Rye.

Spaulding said that people need to keep three things in mind, "Please get your pets vaccinated, don't go near wild animals, and if your pet does come into contact with a rabid animal, quarantine costs $7 per day," Spaulding said.

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