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Q: I saw no mention in the town's new water restrictions about the private golf course in Chaparral Pines. It is my understanding the golf course uses the same water supply the town uses. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The point is, golf courses guzzle enormous amounts of water. I'd be in favor of including the golf course in the restriction process to some extent. How about sand putting greens? They do exist elsewhere. The big question is this: Is town government pandering to the wealthy with this water-guzzling golf course at the expense of everyone else's lifestyle?

A: "To pander to them would assume that we're subsidizing that development somehow with the public water supply," Public Works Director Buzz Walker said. "They don't use potable water on that golf course; they use effluent. That's the same break the public golf course on the west end of town gets."

Walker says sand putting greens are fairly common.

"They oil and roll them to make a hard surface," he said. "I think it would be great if they did it, but it's not the government's business anymore than telling people what color to paint their house."

Incidentally, new golf courses have been banned under the water conservation ordinance recently passed by the Payson Town Council.

Q: Please educate us. I was speaking with the grant writer for the town of Payson, and from what I understand Payson receives approximately $3 million in grants a year which is used all over for different programs. Main Street received only $80,000 this year from the grant program. That is merely 2.7 percent of the total. If these figures are accurate, then people need to stop complaining about Main Street.

A: And they pretty much are, according to Beth Beck, town grants writer.

"We have $3.7 million in active grants that we're actually administering at this time," Beck said. But not all of those grants, which include water, streets, parks and airport grants, were awarded in 2002.

The actual total for Main Street grants last year was $90,000.

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