Abortion Issue Has Plagued Us For Too Long



In response to "My View" Feb. 28 by Richard Haddad. I want to thank him for addressing issues affecting the family. The "Parental Consent Law" is vitally important to the family unit here in America.

The rights of parents to protect their children, especially in times of "crisis", is essential.

The issue of abortion has plagued this country far too long. The taking of millions of innocent lives followed by the pain and suffering of women who, after the procedure, live in a pain so deep many suffer from depression, self-hatred and suicide. The regret and guilt of abortion can be unbearable.

Also, the physical damage caused increases the chance of miscarriage, stillbirth and bareness. Thank God there is forgiveness and healing for these women so that they can be made whole.

In response to "My View" March 11, by Kelly Crowley, stating that Pro-Life organizations are using "fear" tactics when they report a link between abortion and breast cancer.

First of all, there is evidence for the link between breast cancer and abortion. Consider the implications of the study specifically funded by the United States National Cancer Institute to investigate the abortion/ breast cancer link (Daling, et al. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 86 (1994: 1584-92). Janet Daling's group found an overall 50 percent breast cancer risk by age 45 for women who have had an induced abortion.

As of March 2002, there have been 37 published studies on the risk of breast cancer among women with a history of induced abortion. Twenty-eight of these studies reported an increased risk.

Second, to say it is a "fear" tactic to let young women know the scientific facts about abortion and its many health risks is inaccurate. The "whole" truth will enable women to make a healthy choice not only for their physical, but also their mental and spiritual well being.

I find it strange that the advancement of the pro-choice agenda would take priority over the health and welfare of the very women they claim to be fighting for.

Mary Goddard, Northern Arizona District Coordinator, CWA

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