Carelessness Leads To Death Of Beautiful Cat



When will people learn to spay and neuter their pets and not let them roam the countryside?

Last Friday, we stopped on McLane between Sherwood and Airport Road to pick up a beautiful Main Coon cat that had just been hit by a car. It looked like his back had been broken, and there was blood coming from his mouth.

I picked his still warm body up, placed him in the car and drove to Dr. Sandra Snider's office. In examining the body, it was discovered that the cat had no identification, estimated to be around two years of age, and had not been neutered.

We all cried for this loss of such a beautiful animal. It was such a useless death. If its owners had cared more, they would have had him neutered, kept him as an indoor pet and realized that the life span of a cat is about two years when allowed to run loose.

When not neutered, the male cat can impregnate many a female in one evening's outing, and the unspayed female cat is capable of having several litters a year.

We work with the Payson Humane Society as volunteers, and share laughter and many tears with what the shelter workers have to contend. It is rewarding in many ways and heartbreaking in others.

To the owners of the Main Coon cat that did not come home, he is dead. May you take better care of the next cat or dog you decide to give a home. Please give it more concern and love than you did the cat that did not quite make it to the other side of McLane.

Dell and Gil Frederick, Payson

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