Keepers Of Living History Offer To Share



The ranks of Veterans of World War II and Korea are rapidly shrinking. Many of us have stories which are historically significant, and should not be lost to posterity. In other words, we are living history.

Many of us would be willing to share our experiences with middle and high school classes, as well as civic groups. With this in mind, I would be willing to volunteer to act as a clearing house of sorts for any group who would be interested in such a program.

Speaking for myself, I am a veteran of the 101 A/B Division, and served in England, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. I was with the 506th Parachute Infantry, and functioned as a combat photographer. I am a charter member of the International Combat Camera Association.

I have numerous photographs which I would be happy to share, and am active in the 101 A/B Div. Association.

My telephone is 474-0370, and I will welcome contact from all veterans interested in such an endeavor.

Bill Morris, Payson

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