New Rates For Water Not Logical



According to the proposed water rate schedule, the first 10,000 gallons will cost $25.80, and if you happen to use 20,000 gallons, the second 10,000 gallons will cost $4.00.

The logic here is that a family of four can get by on below 10,000 gallons a month easily by eliminating baths and toilet flushing. A family of two with lush landscaping, decorative fountain, large lawn and garden might have to quit hosing down the driveway to cut consumption.

The old theory was that the more costly a product, the less would be used, and the cheaper a product, the more would be used. This theory was given some credence just because cheap gas outsells expensive gas, Fords outsell "Beamers", and hamburger outsells steak.

The new theory is that the cheaper you make a product, the less will be used. I believe it, but I also believe that Main Street is a gold mine, developers are community oriented, lawyers are selfless benefactors of the poor, and I will win the lottery.

If 10,000 gallons for $4.00 makes people use less, we could make the second 10,000 gallons free and really conserve.

Ed Taves, Payson

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