‘Speech' Is Example Of Insane Thinking



I have read the text of the subject speech which you apparently posted on your website. This kind of insane thinking is so dangerous to our nation and the world that I feel compelled to reply. I hope you will, in the interest of fairness and balanced representation, print my response to the speech on your site. My response: Dan Haapala's speech "that the president should give," posted on the Roundup website, is about as far from what we and the world need as one could possibly get. I understand that it serves the need to vent, feel self-sufficient, and isolationist, but such a course would be disastrous, not only for the United States, but for most of the rest of the world as well.

It also demonstrates a total lack of understanding that the fragility of the Earth, our mothership, cannot be toughened by a cowboy-like resolve to be energy sufficient. If we produce all the energy that this conspicuously consuming nation needs at the expense of a livable environment, what have we gained? So, "if only this could be" is like saying "if only we could speed the demise of our planet, create international chaos, and suffocate in the results of our own arrogance, stupidity, and ignorant pursuit of isolationism."

Wade Harris, North Carolina

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