There Is No Single, Right Way Of Thinking



I am saddened to see the American people fighting among themselves thinking their way is the only way. This country was founded upon the freedom to express one's belief. I will not go into a history lesson on Vietnam, I also will not degrade anyone for how they feel about the Iraqi situation. The media has the job of showing all sides to an event and the freedom to do so.

To start degrading others for their beliefs or feelings is taking a giant step away from everything this country is founded on. Though I may not agree with the protesters, I certainly defend their right to express their feelings. To say they must be "shut-up" or not tolerated is putting yourself in a class with all the Husseins in this world.

Brad, to you I say if you are a true American, then you will be tolerant of those who have views that don't agree with yours. May God protect all those who are about to enter into this war.

Skip Ward, Former Payson resident

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