Veteran Takes Issue With Peace Vigil



How wrong I was!

As a veteran, I found the article on the peace vigil, Payson Roundup, Tuesday, March 18, quite interesting.

It must have been a slow week for news for this to be a big front page story.

The statement, "war has never solved a problem in history", made me see the light. As one example: I had always thought that Hitler and his responsibility for the death of millions of people had been somewhat of a problem. I guess I have been wrong for 60 years. Why didn't we have more peace vigils, or maybe throw roses in front of Hitler's troops? I also remember when communism was a serious threat to our country, the peacenicks were then saying, "Better red than dead."

I suppose Saddam and company is just another case of "boys will be boys".

Dale Thoen, Payson

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