Without History We Would Have And Be Nothing



I would like to thank Stan Brown for the endless hours he devotes to researching our Rim country history, and the Payson Roundup for providing a place for Stan's articles.

There was a time several years ago when I was among those that believed the Main Street improvements were something that would just never fly. My opinion has changed dramatically.

I began taking photographs of the old buildings on Main Street and surrounding area, because I thought the buildings would someday be destroyed to make room for something new and "better". Similar to what happened to the old Cowboy Bar at Kohl's Ranch.

Through the photographs, I began to see beauty, instead of ugly old buildings. I began to feel the personality of Main Street, and I began to realize the importance of preserving a part of Payson's history.

Positive changes are visible all up and down Main Street. There are a lot of "Mom & Pop" businesses, a lot of quaint old buildings housing these businesses. Some have been able to improve these buildings thanks to grants available. Grants made possible by the hard work of people that recognized the importance of preserving the Old Town Payson history.

Stan Brown's wish to see the Pieper Mansion, and several other landmarks, restored is my wish also, because I saw the Pieper Mansion in its glory days, and I photographed that house many times back then, because I thought it was the most beautiful house in Payson.

I share Stan's love of our Rim country, our Historic Old Main Street area, and the history behind it.

Without history, we would have nothing, we would be nothing.

Dean Shields, Payson

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