Fighting Men Deserve Complete Support



I cannot understand why our good old patriots continue to demonstrate against this war. Maybe before, but not now.

Don't they understand how news of this bothers and demoralizes our fighting men at a time that they need complete support and abject praise? Support for our president only increases, not diminishing one iota.

Have you noticed that most of the demonstrators are the younger ones of our society? Those who evidently have forgotten those who fought and died to give them the freedom to do what they are doing.

Many of their grandfathers gave their lives to defeat hitler and "tojo" (capitalization omitted to show disdain) and their attempt of world conquest.

We now have another, equally as demented, and as evilly possessed, as was hitler. ARE they blind? Or too cowardly to care, That now it is their turn to carry the banner and keep our nation free as their forefathers did, I can not imagine that it is blindness but rather cowardliness.

I am so proud of our honorable and brave, though scared, YOUNG men, both then and as well as now.

My previous husband, was wounded at Anzio, My deceased husband of 37+ years served in our Navy 9+ years, both before, as well as during the W W II, neither time as a draftee.

The first time to help support his widowed Mother, the second time to support our country, He also preferred the Navy to the Army and knew he would soon, likely have to make a choice. His reason for choice was he was already trained there , no more boot camp.

I hate to claim them as fellow Americans!

Margie J. Weaver, Strawberry

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