Proposed Water Rates: "Do The Math"



Hi, there, I'm "Joe from Arizona". Well, not really. I'm John, and my wife and I own a home in Payson. It seems to me the Payson Town Council needs to "do the math" with respect to proposed new water rates.

The last time I heard, we are, and continue to be, in a severe water drought situation.

As proposed, John from Payson who uses 2000 gallons of water per month will pay .0098 cents per gallon, while "Joe from Arizona," who uses 40,000 gallons per month, will pay .0006 cents per gallon. "Joe from Arizona" who uses 20 times more water than John from Payson pays 94 percent less per gallon.

Seems like John from Payson is being penalized for conservation and "Joe from Arizona" is being rewarded for consumption.

I suggest the Payson Town Council "do the math", and revise the proposed rate structure to reward conservation and punish consumption. How about a credit of 50 percent off the base rate for use of 2000 gallons or less, and an incremental graded surcharge of 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, etc. times the base rate for each 10,000 consumed? Revenues would increase from the high consumers, and those who conserve would be rewarded.

See you at the town council meeting on April 10 at 6 p.m. I'm John from Payson; let's "do the math."

John G. Wakelin, Payson

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