Spiritual Revival Is At Risk In The World's Quagmire



According to the headline in Tuesday's Roundup, it was indicated there seemed to be a spiritual boom taking place in Payson. I certainly hope that may be true. With the threat of war looming, it is beginning to give people the spirit of fear.

What the Apostle Paul described as "signs of our times" are present today, and a glance of the evening news reveals that our times are desperate.

So, what in the world goes on here?

Well, for one -- America suffers the highest violent crime rate of any nation in the world, and we are supposed to be a civilized nation. The legal undermining of the sanctity of human life represents a rejection of America's two-century-old tenet that mankind is made in God's image. Sexual acts outside marriage by men and women have led to permissive attitudes toward former taboos, such as adultery and homosexuality.

America leads as a wholesale-purveyor of child pornography. The United States supports a $9 billion pornography industry that exploits predominantly women and children.

Our nation imports billions of dollars worth of illegal drugs, and has even legalized various forms of contraband for "medical purposes".

If America appears to be departing from God, the only thing standing between God's judgment and us is God's love.

It is the church's responsibility to show this love to the world, yet some of the churches are grievously compromised.

Pollster George Gallup reported that while almost half of Americans attend church service, only six to ten percent are "highly spiritually committed".

The most striking development in American religion is, in the past decade, the decline of mainline protestant churches -- the spiritual homes of nearly one-quarter of the nation's people.

Thomas Reeves, author of "Empty Church" says that he knows why churches have lost so many members. It is because they have abandoned the theological orthodoxy, while, at the same time, embracing liberal politics, sociology and culture.

I believe that the nation, and the world, needs a spiritual revival, but it will never come because of the quagmire that the world has become.

Keep praying for Payson to become a light under our feet, and a lamp on our pathway.

Spud Henry

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