"Stars Shine" On Our Troops As Well



What an appropriate place for the Concerned Citizens of Payson to gather at the local Veterans War Memorial. It is because of those so honored there that this group is able to conduct their vigil. Mr. Cummins theme of "Winning without war" is a bit utopian. (Oxford American dictionary. 1. an imaginary place or state of things where everything is perfect. 2. an impractical scheme for achieving such a state.)

Mr. Levenson said "War has never solved a problem in history." Which war, other than Vietnam, would you have not had us fight in Mr. Levenson, the Revolutionary War, World War I or World War II?

How do you think your life would be today except for the sacrifice of those so honored at your meeting place?

Since tyrants and terrorists don't hold to your premise that war is counterproductive there is a need for others to take up arms and sacrifice if they must to make this world a better place in which to live. I for one am a concerned citizen of Payson in support of our troops as they do whatever is necessary to rid the world of those who threaten the peace of the world. I hope and pray they can do so with no more names being added to the Veterans War Memorial and may the "stars shine" on them as they rid the world of terrorism. It is time for the concerned citizens of Payson to get out the yellow ribbons and unfurl your flags and show our support for our troops.

I appreciate the fact that the Payson demonstration was done so in a civil, non-violent manner and did not require the diversion of the police force as has been the case in many of our major cities. I believe violent demonstrators aid the war on terrorism and should pay for the costs needed to contain their actions.

Jim Fox, Payson

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