Young Minds Need To Be Well Rounded



I could not agree more with your Our View editorial "Eliminating fine arts is a bad idea." I cannot speak directly to the issue in the middle and high schools. I do, however, question the mentality of those who wish to stifle the creativity and self-expression of our young people by denying them the Arts. Also, statistics have shown that youths involved with the Arts are not involved with drugs and crime.

As for our community college, I am knowledgeable. The enrollment slump in the new Gila Community College is not due to the ill-timed transition from E.A.C. to Pinal County, as indicated in your editorial. It is due to the new administration's ill-advised policies against senior citizens (read property taxpayers). The enrollment, formerly in the art classes, was about 90 percent seniors. Tuition was paid through federal grants. In appreciation, the majority of seniors taking these classes bought bricks or donated what they could afford to the building of the new campus. The college's interest in keeping our aging minds alert was commendable. We did not attend classes for college credit. Our chief motivation was personal edification and social interaction.

The new administration penalizes and discriminates against the senior citizen by charging us the same per credit fee, even though we are not requesting college credit, as they charge for students whose degree requires accredited teachers, exams and the rest of the paperwork.

We Gila County taxpayers paid for the new campus. Somehow, it doesn't sit well with me that a Pinal County group is dictating how our educational tax dollars should be spent.

Young minds need a well-rounded education ... older minds, already well-rounded, may need reminding!

Barbara Grillo, Pine

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