Don't Let The Music End



I am writing this letter to clarify a few points about an important issue that is currently being debated throughout the Payson school district.

Recently, Rim Country Middle School made a decision to cut the choir program and replace it with a Spanish class. While I agree that foreign language classes are important, I don't believe that they need to be offered at the middle school level, especially when students will be receiving the same class in high school.

I also think that the district is taking on a significant risk by eliminating a program that is popular with students and parents around Payson, and replacing it with a program that may have very little student interest.

Also, with the budget crisis and teacher cuts that are being made throughout the state, I don't believe that we have the right to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks and supplies to introduce a non-mandatory class when a highly successful one is already in place.

The decision to cut chorus has absolutely nothing to do with the budget crisis. If it did, we wouldn't be replacing this class with Spanish. All it is, is an unnecessary exchange. In my opinion, and those of many other teachers and students at our school, cutting chorus is an unfair decision, since it is not necessary to do so. I ask the district and the administration at RCMS to think very hard about the permanent effects of the decision they will be making. After all, if we make the wrong choice, there will be over 150 very disappointed choir students to prove it.

Melissa Schwark, Eighth Grade, Rim Country Middle School

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