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Looking to upgrade from shag carpet and linoleum? Wood Floors & More may be the store for you.

Dan Curtis, who has adorned many of Rim country's houses with wood floors, recently opened a store in the Rim Country Mall.


Dan Curtis, known to many by his company, Dan Good Flooring, has opened Wood Floors & More inside the Rim Country Mall. The store has a wide selection of wood flooring as well as tiles, fireplace mantels and some cabin-style furnishings.

The floor, itself, in Wood Floors & More is worth seeing because it is a mosaic of different varieties of wood flooring, including an intricate, hand-done design of stump cross-sections of all different species of trees.

"This is the jewel of the store," Curtis said. "We literally cut each one of the pieces of log and glued them, and sanded them down -- it's got manzanita, cedar, oak, and walnut logs. It took about a month to do."

Curtis was raised in Payson, but began a flooring business here close to seven years ago. Although he now has a store to run, Curtis will continue his custom installations while his wife, Kim, runs the store.

"I've been doing wood floors here for the last seven years with my company, Dan Good Flooring. I've done a number of homes in Chaparral Pines, the Rim Club, even in Heber."

There are many benefits to having wood floors, according to Curtis.

"Wood floors give a certain richness to the house," Curtis said. "Wood floors are also good for people with allergies, they provide a warmth to the home, and they are easier on your joints, too."

Wood floors used to be high maintenance and required frequent polishing to look nice. Things have changed, Curtis said.

"We put three coats of polyurethane finish after we sand the floor down." Curtis said. "There are also new pre-finished floorings with a ceramic finishing that is very hard."

Wood Floors & More offers a range of wood flooring, including some that don't require sanding or finishing. Yet Curtis is partial to the look of a custom sanded and finished floor.

"There's nothing like a custom sanded and finished floor," Curtis said, "because it's like a piece of clay -- you can mold it into anything you want."

If you happen to be handy, Curtis has options and suggestions.

"Most houses here have wood subfloors already and if you have some carpentry skills you can put the flooring down yourself," Curtis said. "However, I recommend that the sanding and finishing be done by a professional. The sanding and finishing is an art."

Curtis does caution people that wood floors are not indestructible.

"All wood floors will scratch is what we tell everybody -- but even old wood floors with scratches are still beautiful." Curtis said. "Wood floors are also susceptible to water damage. If the water heater explodes or the roof leaks, you probably will have some water damage."

Besides wood, Curtis also carries varieties of tiles and stone, as well as accessories to go with the new flooring.

"We have some cabin-style furniture," Curtis said. "We sell fireplace mantels, baseboards, decorative tiles and just recently, granite countertops."

"One of the neat things we have are affordable granite slabs for customers and contractors to put in," Curtis said. "I've got seven-foot granite slabs starting at $230 -- you can't buy formica for that!"

Curtis invites people to visit his full showroom and welcomes contractors, remodelers and do-it-your-selfers. He also gives free estimates and rents specialty tools to those wanting to do their own flooring.

For more information on flooring alternatives or installation, call Wood Floors & More at 472-4597.

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