Time To Change Our Governmental System



In response to the Wade Harris letter "Speech is example of insane thinking." The gentleman is like most Americans who think they must support those in power, no matter what they are doing. This is not true. We can support our country and troops fighting for us without agreeing that it is necessary for them to do what they are told.

Each and every citizen needs to consider what has happened over their lifetime in America. Our founding fathers warned us not to get into foreign entanglements. They also warned us that we must keep careful watch as to what our government is doing and should it ever get to the point that they are illegally changing the Constitution, it is the citizens' responsibility to rise up and replace that government.

Please Wade and everyone; re-read the letter and as you do, think back to what America has done since WWII. Our actions of trying to force others to live as we do instead of leading by example and letting them join us is what has created this condition. Try to think of how we would feel if they were powerful and forcing us; either through brute or financial force to live a they do.

The greatest support we can give our brave men and women is to change our governmental system so that it restores the individual freedom at a much lower cost as it was in the past. To do this, we must all take full responsibility for our actions.

I love both my country and the troops defending us, but I hate the system of government we now have. It certainly is not a leadership type of government at all; but sure does use force on us all to live a continuously more reduced lifestyle at a higher expense. It also is not recognizing the damage it is doing.

I do not feel that this is a coordinated effort to undo America, the Constitution nor take our freedom. It is the system and them taking the easy way out to put a Band-Aid on every problem instead of solving the problem in the simplest and least costly method.

Dayton H. (Hoby) Herron, former Payson town councilor, Oregon

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