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Q: What's up with the sledding area north of Strawberry being closed during spring break when the sledding weather was perfect?

A: That would be Cinch Hook, the big rock pit at the junction of highways 87 and 260. According to Patty Beauchamp of the Coconino National Forest, Cinch Hook is only open on weekends for budgetary reasons.

"Forest Service personnel need to be there, and we don't have the funding to staff it during the week," Beauchamp said.

But things could be worse. Children in that neck of the woods are on spring break this week, and there isn't any snow on the ground to even worry about.

Q: Finishing Touch Flowers has a big yellow ribbon on their store. I assume it is there in support of our troops. How can I get one?

A: "We put a pretty good-sized yellow ribbon in front of our shop to show our support for our troops and our country, and I do have yellow ribbon available," Finishing Touch owner Debbie McDonald said. "I am giving away free red, white and blue ribbons for people to pin on, but the big yellow bows I do have to charge for."

Prices begin at $4 and go up depending on size.

Meanwhile, Payson Florist & Gifts has sold out of yellow ribbon but was expecting a new shipment later this week.

"We can make up whatever people want," designer Michelle Payton said. "I ran out making nine or ten bows the last week. Most people want real big ones."

Flowers by June hasn't had one call about yellow ribbon, according to owner June Dudley.

"I was just thinking about that, but since nobody's asked, I don't want to get carried away," Dudley said. "We went crazy after 9/11 with red, white and blue."

Flowers by June does have some yellow ribbon on hand and will be glad to make up bows for people who want them.

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