Your Children's Futures Are At Stake


The people of Arizona must wake up to what they are doing to their state. It is at the point of not having to worry about terrorist attacks -- they are killing the state from within.

They elect legislators who are afraid to mention taxes for fear of losing their cushy jobs.

Has a national survey been published lately to list the states in a comparison of Arizona's standing in cost-per-student reimbursement, and how about the educational levels? The last one heard of was not very complimentary -- was it somewhere in the ‘40s in a comparison of the 50 states?

They elect school boards who are afraid to mention taxes for fear of being criticized for doing what they were elected to do -- protect and improve the educational advantages of the youth in their charge. They encourage the building of groups which will be boosters of sports, especially football. Where is a booster club for arts? And, physical education -- where they learn at least something about their bodies? This is a generation of the most obese young people in our country's history.

Our young people, truly the future of our state, are being shortchanged out of a good future. They will graduate into one of the most competitive generations in our country. Where will the next leaders and the good careers come from it they are not in the forefront of the competition? If RIFfing goes on, what department in our schools will be denuded next? English? Music? Family and Consumer Science? Computers?

Are we raising a generation of unemployed?

Where are the parents? A small percentage does vote, it seems. Is it apathy? Don't they care how their young people are being educated in school? Many, hopefully, are headed toward college -- will they qualify with this RIF program?

It's time for the parents to wake up. Never in the history of education in this country, since 1620, have the parents allowed a like situation to exist. They have organized, protested, attended school board meetings and sessions of the legislatures -- anything to get the attention of the elected officials to the dangers of this type of situation. And, they did it in huge turn-outs of bodies.

Get off your butts, folks. Your kids' futures are at stake.

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