Can't Win For Losin'



I was reading one of the letters to the editor in the Tuesday, March 25 paper and was pleased to see the article about the Payson Rodeo Committee helping out with the wrestling fund raiser, for some of the high school athletes. Then, about half way through the letter, M. Milan, a parent of a Payson High School student, started belittling the Payson Rodeo Committee because Milan claims they never have been given a penny to help put on the high school rodeo. Milan further went on to say, basically, that the Payson Rodeo Committee is oblivious to the fact that it doesn't take a genius to figure out the high school kids are our future.

I was a little overwhelmed by the harsh wording of this letter, because the Payson Rodeo Committee not only helps the kids in this community with fund raisers, five scholarships for seniors graduating from high school per year, and playground equipment for a town elementary school - just to mention a few. We also volunteer to help work at different events throughout the year, if asked to do so.

I have to agree with Milan that the kids coming up in high school rodeo are our future; however, the committee has not been asked to help support the Payson High School Rodeo in at least the past five years. We are a non-profit organization, and all donations we give are here in our community. We would like you to contact us, so we may listen to any suggestions you may have on how the Payson Rodeo Committee can help with the high school rodeo, not only with donations, but if you need help on gates, stripping chutes, parking or in whatever way you feel we may be able to help.

I was asked by a few people after this last high school rodeo why I was not out there helping, and my response was simple, "We were not asked." If any parent or participant in the high school rodeo would like help from the Rodeo Committee, please give us a call at our rodeo office, 474-9440, or you may contact either myself or any rodeo committee member so we can submit a proposal to the board for review.

Kevin Turner, Committee Member

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