Maybe It's Time To Sue The Environmentalists



A thought: I read in the Republic a couple of weeks ago an article about our Governor Napalitano meeting with the Forest Service on ideas to help with our forest situation. A quote of hers was "We need to preserve the rights of people to sue."

I started thinking about the reason our forest is in the shape it is in. And it is because of the environmentalists' lawsuits stopping the Forest Service from doing its job as well as stopping the logging in our state. They are able to this because they are so richly funded. This is a small percentage of the people with loud mouths and large pocket books.

I think the majority of citizens in our state would prefer to manage our forests, and use the fruits of which God has given us rather then to have them rot on the vines (The trees being the fruit of the forest).

To achieve this we would need money that is not available. Why not use the rights that our governor wants to preserve and have us all file a class action lawsuit against the very groups that caused the situation as it is. All of the home and land owners and insurance companies that lost money because of the conditions caused by neglect of our forests, as well as business owners and taxpayers that are impacted by economy loss in our state due to the horrible fires that would have not been as tragic if the forest had been pruned.

This group has entirely too much money. If this could be done -- even if not won -- they would have to spend their money on something other than destroying God's plan for "man to work the ground" Gen: 2:5.

Karyn Nelsen, Payson

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