Street Testing Results Positive



We are pleased to find that the Gila County Pothole Testing Program is successful, and work can now begin on the Pothole Relocation and Rehabilitation Program.

Those who drive in the area of the Pine/Strawberry Fire Department and Pine Elementary School have been aware of the GCPT program on Prince Street for several years. The purpose of the program is research and development of minimal grades of road surface material. As we all know, anyone can build roads that last using superior grades of materials. What needs to be determined is: how poor can the quality be and still hold up to the abuse of thoughtless citizens who continue to drive on it?

The results have now been tabulated, and prove that the best material that is available through the Gila County sources will sustain repeated vehicular traffic for two days, or the first heavy dew. That is more than adequate to meet federal highway standards, and saves Gila County thousands of dollars that would have to be assessed against all the property owners if more expensive materials were used.

The potholes that have been nurtured on this street will now be relocated to other streets in the area that have been neglected. It is the hope of all involved that we can soon have the same quality of roads throughout the county that have been enjoyed by the Prince Street Travelers Association.

J. Mike Taylor, Pine

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