Trust Bush, Not Saddam



Sure, the president and his administration are strong proponents of the war in Iraq but, please, don't call it "Bush's War" (or "Bush Goes to War" in Roundup March 28 letter, "Was evidence planted?"). Congress has united behind the troops with both the House and the Senate supporting resolutions in favor of the military and the President for the war in Iraq. Most recent polls show that America supports this war effort by 70 percent. That sounds more like, "America Goes to War."

Don't forget that the British Parliament, Spain, Australia, Poland and several other Coalition countries are directly supporting America in the war effort.

The unfortunate intransigence, even belligerence, of France, Germany, Russia and China in opposing our position may relate more to their own on-going economic ties with Iraq, which a war can disrupt. Also, don't forget, the UN has records of large quantities of chemical and biological agents produced and stored by Iraq over the last 12 years. Gee, did it all just evaporate?

Now, the final blow to me is the suggestion that if these "weapons of mass destruction" (WMD) are not used by Iraq in this war, and cannot be found, that "the Bush administration and the major oil companies would plant evidence of WMD on Iraqi soil." I guess this implies that Bush's main reason for the war is to steal oil, not to free the Iraqi people from a brutal tyrant.

Let's understand this man, Saddam Hussein, and the regime that supports him. To gain and keep power, he has committed these crimes: 1. Murdered his brother-in-law and two sons-in-law, 2. Purged the Baath Party, killing about 500 senior officials (wonder why they support him today?), 3. Eliminated millions who questioned his authority (through war, gas and the secret police).

The reported methods that he used to torture and murder are said to be worse than Hitler or Stalin. My guess is he would treat any nation the same way to gain and keep power, such as using WMD. Yes, we are free to dissent here in America, but once we understand the nature of this beast, should we trust Bush or Saddam?

Wes Suhr, US Army veteran (Korea), Pine

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