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Q: Is it true that the new stop signs on Alpine Heights Drive and Sunshine Lane can't be enforced because there are no white lines on the street? And when will the police start enforcing them?

A: Payson Police Lt. Don Engler says he will look into the matter of the missing lines and try to expedite the process of getting them painted so there will be no question.

"But I personally wouldn't hesitate to stop someone if there's just a stop sign there," Engler said.

"What we normally do when new stop signs are put in is to try to monitor them for a few days and educate the public. We'll start out stopping people and warning them. But if there isn't compliance after a few days we start citing."

Engler says it's surprising how many people use the excuse that they didn't see a new stop sign as a defense. It isn't.

Q: Why spend so much money to improve S. McLane Road from Main Street down to the high school and have the speed limit reduced to 15? It doesn't make any sense when it was 25 mph before it was "improved."

A: Get used to it, because it's not going away, according to LaRon Garrett, public works engineer for the town.

"The old roadway wasn't in the town right-of-way," Garrett said. "When we were doing the layout work for McLane Road, we had three potential alignments. Two of them were kind of straight off the hill. The third one followed the original roadway alignment.

"The town council opted to follow the original right-of-way, and the only way you can make those curves is to set the speed limit at 15 mph. It's an engineering decision based on safety."

Further improvements to McLane Road, by the way, are in the hands of the bond committee currently deciding which street improvements to put before the voters.

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