Dahir, Aaron J.


Aaron J. Dahir is currently serving on the USS Santa Fe, a fast attack nuclear submarine.

His job is to keep the ship in perfect mechanical order. He is a Petty Officer, 2nd class, and a Machinist mate, 2nd class.

He has been trained as a fireman and is qualified for subwarfare and has earned his Dolphins.

Dahir is the son of Darlene Brumbaugh and has a brother, Andrew, and a sister, Alysia. His grandparents are Rachel and Marvin Isbell.

He is presently based at the Honolulu, Hawaii Navy base, where his wife, since December, Jennifer, who is also in the service, hopes to join him soon.

His family writes, "The Mountain Bible Church congregation and all your family and friends pray for God's protection and your safety."

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