May Is Rushing Into The Rim Country



Winter has come and gone so quickly, it is hard to believe that the month of May is already upon us.

My only regret is that there was not enough moisture to really make a difference for the upcoming summer season.

Many part-time residents are coming to the Village to get their cabins ready for summer fun and to get away from the heat of the valley.

May will be a busy month for most people, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, the Women's Wellness Forum, the first day of spring, turkey season and on the personal side, my youngest grandson's birthday, my granddaughter's high school graduation, and my niece's wedding in Pennsylvania. I am positive I forgot an event or two.

Correction from last week's column: I commented on Mark Deardon being a sheriff's deputy. That is not true. Mark's ambition, sometime down the road is to become a sheriff's deputy, but he is not a deputy at this time. Sorry for the mistake, Mark, I hope no harm was done by my mistake.


A longtime resident of both Mead's Ranch and Tonto Village added another candle to his birthday cake on April 30. His name is Loren Long and we all wish him a fantastic year.

Harvey Poyner, another long time resident of Tonto Village is recovering from surgery. Harvey should be home at the end of this week. Drop by and wish him a speedy recovery. We all wish you well, Harvey, you are missed at the pool tournaments.

The pool tournaments are in full swing for the season. Kara Shaw, Patty Boeschling and Jennifer Kiley were the top winners in Tuesday's Ladies Night. Sunday, Doug Paul, Ethel Cain and Chuck Huth came out on top with some great shots. Congratulations to all the winners.

Tonto Village Fire District

Wildland fire season is upon us, so there needs to be extreme caution with any open flame. That includes cigarette butts, or burning and clearing of brush. Please take your cuttings and brush to the slash pit by Ponderosa Campgrounds any Saturday. Make sure that your woodpiles are not next to your house, and that there is no kindling for a fire of any kind close to your home.

There will be a board meeting at 10 a.m. May 10 at the fire station. These meetings are open to the public and you are urged to attend to get the most complete information on forest conditions from the fire chief.

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