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Q: Why isn't there a sign on McLane Road telling people where the new library is?

A: Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind says that is a work in progress. "Since we have added several new amenities to the park -- refurbishing basketball courts and volleyball courts, the addition of a new soccer field, some additional parking areas and the new routing of the park system -- new signs are in order. The architect we used for our new library, Larry Enyart, is working on little schematic things that we will add to the park that will match the trend of the motif that the library has brought to the park."

Q: Why is there no centerline on Payson Parkway?

A: According to Town Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett, the type of road determines if a street is striped. "The only roads that we do striping on would be minor arterials like Main Street, McLane, Longhorn, or Airport Road. Payson Parkway is considered a major collector. It's not financially feasible to stripe the major collectors so most towns don't." Another example of a major collector road that is not striped is Easy Street.

Q: The post office changed our addresses from HCR to HC2. Now, when I'm sent mail with the old HCR address it's being returned. Even my APS bills are being returned to sender. Why isn't the post office forwarding our mail to us instead of sending them back?

A: "We actually made that change four or five years ago," said Payson Postmaster Kathy Almendarez. In order for us to get the mail to the customers we need correct addressing. During the past four years we have notified all our rural customers that they must get their mailing addresses corrected. At the beginning of 2003 we set an April 1 deadline for rural customers. The mail is sorted by machine and it will now only recognize the correct addressing. In addition, we are working with the utility companies to correct these addresses.

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