Teen Pregnancy Rate Not Surprising



I recently received a letter from Payson High School informing parents that we have the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Gila County.

It is not a bit surprising to me, and it shouldn't be to anyone else either. Planned Parenthood tried to set up in Payson years ago, but the townspeople wouldn't let them. Too many parents are in denial that their child would have sex, so they don't protect them against pregnancies, or STDs. That's where Planned Parenthood would have helped these girls. They encourage abstinence, but provide protection if they choose to have sex.

Planned Parenthood is not just about abortion, so quit worrying about that and protect your kids. It is your responsibility as a parent to protect your kids, so get them to a doctor and protect them. Don't make your kids sneak around for birth control, or condoms. Get it for them.

It is not just "bad girls" who get pregnant. They come from all walks of life. If we can stop pregnancies, there will be less abortions.

Rebecca Pappas, Pine

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