‘Tying Apples' Brings Back Happy Memories



I take full responsibility for the inclusion of the old song, "Tying Apples on the Lilac Tree" that will be on the program of the Payson Choral Society's Spring Concert May 10.

I have been urging musical director Mary Ann Irvine to include that song in a concert for several years.

My sister, who is now an active 96, sang and taught that song to me more than 80 years ago.

A few years ago, I attempted to recall the music from memory. The tune and words were no problem. With the help of good friend Iona Stifler, the music soon took shape on the page.

I gave Mary Ann Irvine a copy.

As I listen, at the concert, I will be thinking of my sister back in 1921 when I was 5.

Max L. Partch, Payson

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