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Q: Why did the town make all the stores disconnect their water vending machines where people can fill up their own jugs?

A: "The town did not make any local merchants disconnect any of their water vending machines," Buzz Walker, Public Works Director for the Town of Payson, said. "One local vender voluntarily disconnected their machine because of a new town ordinance, but was allowed to turn it back on until they can make a transition. The new town water conservation ordinance bans the use of reverse osmosis (RO) treatment in water vending machines. This is because the reverse osmosis process takes 2 to 4 gallons of town water to make one gallon of filtered RO water. It's simply a waste of water, especially with the high quality Payson water we have; you don't have objectionable material that needs to be removed. We are offering help to the vending operators in time and technical assistance to make the transition to more efficient machines."

Q: I was disappointed to see that the swimming pool schedule shows the pool closing on Aug. 17 for the season. Since August and September are still quite warm, is there any way that the pool can be open for the entire summer?

A: According to Michelle Beach, recreation coordinator for the Town of Payson: "The reason that we cannot keep it open longer is that we don't have the staff to do so. This has been an ongoing issue. Most of our lifeguards are high school students and they start back to school the end of July. We've publicized the lifeguard training, which is open to anyone 15 years and older, and we have had no adults even apply to be lifeguards. So it comes down to staff and money to operate the pool. There is a second lifeguard training class scheduled for May 26 through June 7. If anyone is interested in certifying as a lifeguard please call the Payson Parks and Recreation Department at 474-5242, ext. 7.

Q: Why didn't the Roundup cover the Saturday Easter event at Rumsey Park on April 19?

A: There were dozens of wonderful events taking place that holiday weekend -- from Easter egg hunts and Easter pageants to sunrise services, fundraisers and activities for children. The Roundup promotes these happenings in our Almanac listings and on our special Easter Services and events page, but unfortunately we are not able to send a reporter to all of them.

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