Holiday Trash At Park Disheartening



I've never tried anything like this before, but it's something that people need to be well aware of for a better future.

I have been working as a park ranger for a few months now, and I have seen and picked up after quite a few people. However, I must say that the other day took the cake.

Already disgusted with the amount of pollution I have seen and cleaned up after (even before I started as a park ranger), I almost had a heart attack when I cleaned up after the Easter holiday. It only proves that most holidays (especially Easter and Christmas) are commercialized nowadays. I do not recall seeing those people return on Earth Day to help, either.

I wrote the following entry in my journal on April 25, 2003. I'd like to share with your readers:

"Today, I walked around the park hoping to just stretch my legs and enjoy the incredible beauty and feel of Mother Nature, as usual. Much to my dismay, I found myself cleaning up after the herds of rude, ignorant and oblivious people. It was more than just a shock. I was stunned, disgusted, outraged and almost gagged. As I looked around and started to gather the many shreds and bits of litter, I realized it was all left over from Easter.

Is this what it all comes down to? Do these people, as they practice their ludicrous crimes, dare to prove one of my theories right? (Theory: Most holidays, anymore, are based on commercialism, and there is little or no practice of the true meaning behind them.) No real practice seems to come out of the holidays, nowadays. How dare the parents and guardians who are involved get so caught up in the commercialism and allow themselves to be blindsided by the true meaning and exposure of the holiday. How dare they allow this absurdity cross-examine their actions and forget all about the good use of decent morals and mannerisms. How dare these parents and guardians refrain from teaching their children the real, true history behind what's going on, and why eggs are involved on a day that they are to celebrate the second sight, or rising occasion, of Jesus Christ. If they truly do believe and practice this, then do they honestly think that Jesus, Himself, would approve of this -- the whole act of polluting mother nature?

Most importantly, however, it is blatantly obvious that neither the parents and guardians, nor the children, showed concern or respect for Mother Nature, or anyone else who was there to enjoy the beautiful natural wonder.

So, there I was picking up broken eggshells, candy wrappers, fake plastic grass and an immense amount of cigarette butts. What to do, now? All I can think of is to just hang my head in sorrow and hope that the future isn't at as big a stake as it looks."

Lisa Levine, Park Ranger

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